Large Laser Tag Rifle Gun Game (set of 2) Call of life

    These large Rifle Laser tag blasters are great active fun and even gets the kids off the TV!                                                   They features an extra life bar vs the smaller laser pistols.

    3…. 2….1… Who will be the last one standing?

    Can be played both indoors and outdoors!

    Begin by choosing a team colour for your pistol (team up with other players or have each player on a different team- 4 team colours to choose from). Next choose your preferred firing mode (single shot gun, machine gun, laser gun, plasma gun). When you are ready to play simply point your pistol at an opposing players pistol and hold down the activate button to begin with full life activation! Once each player has full life bars the game is ready to begin. Play by shooting your opposing teams pistol, reducing their life bars. Once a player reaches 0 life bars a voice will tell the player their game is over.

    Laser tag blasters have voice, vibration and sound feedback during the game.

    Each firing mode causes different amounts of damage to their opponent’s life bars but the higher the damage the more often you will need to re-load.

    These Laser tag guns can be used with our Laser Tag Firebug Beetle for added play... Watch them crawl around frantically and then fire at them… Stopping them in their tracks! *Fire bugs sold separately*

    Laser tag Rifle packs come in Green & Yellow or Blue & Red sets.

    **Due to the size of the box this item can NOT be delivered to a PO box**


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    Laser Tag box content includes:

    • Instruction book
    • 2x Laser Tag Rifle Blasters (Green & Yellow or Green and Blue) 
    • Size: 51 cm Length X 18 cm Height X 4cm Width, end to end.


    4x health bar indicators, choice of firing mode (Single shot, machine gun, laser gun, plasma gun), anti cheat mode, reload clip button, vibration when shot.

    Approx 40m- 60m range, depending on lighting / environment conditions.

    laser tag gun large
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